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Bridging Political Divides

Engaging Spanish political representatives to showcase Framework's positive measures and raise awareness about environmental challenges.

The Vox Visit | © Artemisan

In Spain, the responsibility for agricultural and environmental affairs is delegated from the national to the regional government. Recognising the importance of involving policymakers and representatives, the Federation of Hunters of Córdoba (FAC) has taken a proactive approach by inviting political parties to learn about the Framework Project. These visits aim to showcase the measures being implemented for environmental benefits and raise awareness among politicians regarding the serious environmental challenges faced in olive groves. The visits are part of the project's overall landscape-scale effort to examine sustainable farming solutions across Europe and the UK.

National-Conservatives (VOX)

On 21 March, the Aguilar Farmer Cluster warmly welcomed representatives from the VOX party. They included Manuel Gavira Florentino, speaker of VOX, Purificación Fernández Morales, responsible for environmental affairs within VOX, and representative Alejandro Hernández Valdés. The visit provided an opportunity to present the progress made by the Framework Project and discuss the measures being applied within the Farmer Cluster.

The PSOE Visit | © Artemisan

Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE)

A second important visit occurred on the 28th March when members of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) toured the Aguilar Farmer Cluster. Ana María Romero Obrero, secretary of Farming and Fisheries Affairs at the national level, attended along with local representatives. This visit allowed PSOE representatives to gain insights into the Framework Project and its impact on the region's agricultural and environmental sectors.

Christian Democratic People's Party (PP)

The Farmer Cluster also had the privilege of hosting members of the People's Party (PP), which currently governs Andalucía. The visit included Erik Domínguez Guerola, parliamentary speaker on agricultural affairs, local representatives and Araceli Cabello, parliamentary speaker on environmental affairs. It was a welcome opportunity to showcase the achievements and initiatives of the Framework Project. The event also established a dialogue with the governing party to explore avenues of collaboration and discuss the region's agricultural and environmental challenges.

The PP Visit | © Artemisan

These visits exemplify the importance of bridging political divides for the sake of sustainable development in rural economies. By inviting representatives from VOX, PSOE, and PP, the FAC demonstrated its commitment to engaging politicians from across the spectrum in collective efforts to address agri-environmental issues. The events also provided a platform for open discussions, knowledge sharing, and potential further collaborations. The engagement of political representatives with Framework Spain signifies a step forward in creating a more inclusive and collaborative approach to finding effective solutions for the benefit of Spain's agricultural and environment sector.

A further visit from key political stakeholders, including a press conference with mayors, ministers and NGO leaders, is being planned to take place during Work Package Two's trip to the Cluster in May. This will expand the dialogue beyond a regional and national level to a continent-wide conversation. The topics will include knowledge exchange on Farmer Clusters, ecosystem monitoring tools, delivering sustainable productivity and responding to environmental threats.


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