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Wild About Bees

A Wild Bee Workshop at Seehof Farm Festival celebrates functional farmland biodiversity.

On March 25th and 26th, 2023, the picturesque Seehof farm in Burgenland, Austria, played host to an enlightening event as part of the farm festival "Hoftage am Seehof" (Open-Farm Day at Seehof). In the context of the project's Work Package 3 (Citizen Science Monitoring with Farmers), BOKU conducted a captivating "Wild Bee Workshop". The workshop aimed to raise awareness among farmers and the public about the significance and value of biodiversity, with a specific focus on pollinators and wild bees.

An Interactive Learning Experience

The workshop, situated in a specially designed tent, offered an engaging and interactive learning experience. Photos, short statements, illustrative material, exhibitions, and expert knowledge conveyed the importance of wild bees. The information walls had different themes, including bee entomology (studying insects), promoting wild bees in farms and gardens, and fostering their presence in and around fields.

Exploring the World of Wild Bees

To provide a more immersive experience, a tabletop display showcasing wild bee breeding habitats was created. Microscopes and microscope loupes were made available, allowing participants to observe fascinating details of wild bees and flowers up close. Expert facilitators were present to answer questions and engage with interested individuals, couples, families, and groups of all ages.


An Open-Farm Day for All

The Seehof farm festival attracted an estimated 1,500 visitors each day from diverse backgrounds including farmers, scientists, families and community leaders. The workshop offered an inclusive platform for people to learn about the vital role that wild bees play in our ecosystems and the importance of maintaining agrobiodiversity.

Promoting Biodiversity Conservation

By hosting the Wild Bee Workshop, the Seehof farm festival helped Framework Austria raise awareness about farmland biodiversity conservation in the region. Participants left with a deeper understanding of the essential role wild bees play in agricultural pollination and the overall health of our environment. The interactive elements engaged visitors on multiple levels, encouraging them to consider how they can support wild bees in their own farms and gardens.


The Wild Bee Workshop held at the Seehof farm festival was a resounding success, representing another great instance of Framework public engagement. Events like this support our aim to collectively work towards more sustainable and ecologically conscious societies. Societies where we all value the ecosystem services underpinning the rural economies that feed us and enrich our lives.


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